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Austen-Themed Virtual Events for your At-Home Entertainment

Depend upon JASNA regions all across the country to keep you in good stead with Austen entertainment, even from home. With an assist from other Austenites like those at Chawton House and Silver Petticoat Review, there are several ways to get your Austen fix this summer. July 10-12, 2020. JASNA Greater Louisville, KY Region- Virtual… Continue reading Austen-Themed Virtual Events for your At-Home Entertainment

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Janite MeetUp: Sense and Sensibility

The Central Valley Jane Austen Book Club hosted a MeetUp on January 27th to see a production of Sense and Sensibility at Good Company Players in Fresno! There were about 25 attendees from either the Book Club or JASNA Central California in attendance. After the performance, the actors were kind enough to come out and greet… Continue reading Janite MeetUp: Sense and Sensibility