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Another great virtual discussion: “Juvenilia” on Zoom and Facebook Live


On Saturday, May 30, we had another great discussion on Austen’s work via Zoom, which we then live-streamed to our Facebook Page. We ventured out into virtual discussions last month with “Pride and Prejudice.”

This month, we honored the 2020 JASNA theme and took a look at selections from the Juvenilia.

The History of England – Vol II
Henry and Eliza – Vol I
The Beautiful Cassandra – Vol I
The Visit – Vol I
A Letter from a Young Lady – Vol II
Love and Freindship – Vol II
The Adventures of Mr. Harley – Vol I
Sir William Montague – Vol I
Memoirs of Mr. Clifford – Vol I

We had eight people join us via Zoom from a variety of locations. Some from here in Central California, others from Sacramento Region, one from Maryland and one from the U.K.! We had another 17 people join us for some or all of the discussion via Facebook. A few of them were from the Central California region, Northern California, Arizona and a few other places.

Our Zoom meeting was live-streamed to Facebook successfully!

If nothing else, these virtual events are helping Austen-lovers everywhere connect and cross-pollinate their ideas. What a lovely silver lining to this time of quarantine.

After a presentation from Erin Connor and discussion on the Juvenilia, we shared news of other virtual events. Here are just a few that were mentioned:

If you’d like to listen to our discussion on the Juvenilia, it is available on our Facebook page HERE.

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