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Our first virtual gathering: a discussion of “Pride and Prejudice.”

virtual photoToday we embarked on a new style of gathering: the virtual style! Given our current public health circumstances, many gatherings have had to be cancelled or postponed. But we decided to take some of the new skills a few of us are learning in the workplace regarding telecommuting and put them to work for JASNA Central California.

We decided to invite our members, friends, and fellow regions to join us via Zoom for discussion of “Pride and Prejudice.” We also livestreamed the discussion to our Facebook page for others to follow along for a short time if they were so inclined.

We tested our technology several times over the last two weeks, put together a power point on travel distances in the novel, and then opened our doors. We had 16 participants via Zoom and 45 views on Facebook during our live broadcast, with more participants chiming in through the comments feature.

All in all, it was a successful first outing, excepting the occasional “Can you hear me?” inquiry from a participant.

April 2020 Jasna Meeting Zoom
We are planning a follow up gathering on Saturday, May 30th at 2 p.m. PT to discuss selections from the Juvenilia. Info is on our homepage!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today. Below, find the accompanying PowerPoint slide deck and map from our presentation. If you would like to listen to the discussion on your after the fact, a recording is found in the Videos section of our Facebook page.
Many thanks and be well!
Heather Parish
Regional Coordinator

Pride and Prejudice Map (courtesy of JASNA.org) 

Going the Distance: Travel in Pride and Prejudice Slides with presenter notes.
Informational source: JASNA Greater Chicago

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