Cen Cal Events

Regency Picnic and Walking Party with JASNA Cen Cal

IMG_0220Our second Picnic and Walking Party was a raging success with 20 attendees, beautiful weather, and plenty of diverting company! We met in Woodward Park for our picnic, munched on tea sandwiches and fruit, enjoyed tea and beverages, and soaked up some sun in 75 degree weather!

Several members of our group enjoyed lawn games and feeding ducks in the nearby lakes, while others chit-chatted on the hill in the shade near our awning and tables, beautifully decorated by committee member Brooke Aiello.

After our picnic, the group meandered over to the Shinzen Japanese Friendship Gardens for a stroll through the well cultivated landscape of the area. One could easily imagine oneself on the great estate of a family of fine distinction. If only a hermit had been hired for the occasion!

After a time, our group of twenty split off into several smaller groups with their own agendas. Some went off on their own to explore, while others kept in small groups to enjoy the pathways. In our photo album, you may even spy a Fanny Price sitting on her own, awaiting the return of Edmund and Mary!

After an hour or so of touring the gardens, the group regathered and we drew door prizes donated by committee members Erin Connor and DeAuna Marks. The winners were Lisa Ovalle and Brooke Aiello!

After our fond farewells, our historic interlude was packed up and blown away by the winds of time!

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