Meetings and Discussions

Meeting Report: Discussion on Mansfield Park – February 24, 2018

The Central Valley Region of JASNA welcomed 18 members and guests for our exploration of “Mansfield Park”. Discussion ranged from the merits and demerits of Fanny Price and Mary Crawford, to the levels of self-involvement of the entire Bertram clan, to the general isolation and opportunities that were provided (or not) to all of the young women in the novel.

To give us some context on the novel and the time period, members Erin Conner and Bill Lulay presented on different topics. Erin used a power point to walk us through the status of the slave trade in England and its colonies at that time. Her slides included a timeline and several important cases regarding the abolition of slavery during the era. The topics of slavery are alluded to in the novel, as well as Sir Thomas’ holdings in Antigua during the novel.

Bill’s presentation was on the play “Lover’s Vows,” which features prominently in Mansfield Park. His report gave us a history of the play – which was real and actually performed in England during the era – and several resources for finding out more.

You can see the slides for Erin’s presentation on the slave trade here: Mansfield Park – The Slave Trade Presentation

And you can read Bill’s report on “Lovers’ Vows” here: Lovers’ Vows Bio

We also had our usual break for refreshments, including cupcakes provided by DeAuna Marks and other treats provided by the Central California Committee.


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